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We are agents of change. As a disruptive video production studio, we empower startups not just by creating amazing videos, but also raising them beyond the noise through the best video marketing strategies and connecting them with suitable investors.

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Work Process

All of us are smarter than any of us

Tim Brown, IDEO
Based on Ideo’s design kit, our fresh human-centered approach towards video production is specifically optimised for a startup. It helps us collaborate with the startup to communicate and understand it well, and work together towards a perfect video.
Our work process seeks an active role of the startup. This ensures that the startup participates in and follows the progress of the iterative process of inspiration, ideation and implementation, which is the key to our methodology.

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.

Leonardo Da Vinci
To accommodate design iterations and to be timely and relevant with the ever changing marketing trends, we translated the traditional video production process to an agile sprint method. It involves our team working in short sprints of 1-2 weeks.
The sprint method allows to shortcut the endless-discussion cycle, remove the unhelpful steps in the work process and thereby compress the timeline exceedingly. An iterative sprint process also ensures that the result video is a success among the users!

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs
Our team loves filmmaking and the dedication it involves. But what makes it different is the balance between approaching video as an art and as a tool for business! It is this balance that makes our video creations a piece of art that captivates a startup's audience.
We understand the startup business strategy & goals to develop a video concept and an influencing story using our technical expertise and deliver the best videos across different mediums- live footage, animation & virtual reality!

Some of Our Clients

We have built strong and lasting partnerships with some of the best startups in the world, based on trust, creativity and technical excellence.


Galaxy.AI is a healthcare artificial intelligence platform that processes medical data to prognose diseases even before they become clinically apparent.

JUST Capital

JUST Capital is a nonprofit that provides information and rankings on how large corporations perform on issues that matter most to the public.

Describe App

Describe is a beautiful mobile app that enables you to create and share memories in a unique form of photos with tiny video stories.


EverySpend is the first of its kind digital bank that leverages social networking to enhance the user's financial health.


Takeoff is a startup that invites US citizens for an adventurous workation to Africa and make their skill & knowledge impact and empower the African workforce.


'ereena' is a luxury fashion brand that handcrafts an exquisite line of apparels, accessories and fabrics made from the rare peace silk 'eri'.

What they say?

The video Cleverhat did for us created goosebumps among us and our audience. Awesome work!

Founder, 'Galaxy.AI'

What they say?

Cleverhat created 4 aesthetically appealing videos for 'ereena', just the way a luxury fashion brand would want them to be. A very talented team which goes an extra mile to deliver outstanding output.The best part about Cleverhat was their user centered design approach to perfectly understand my need.

Founder, 'e r e e n a'

What they say?

As an early-stage startup, we were bootstrapped with no budget for a video. Thanks to Cleverhat's payment model and the brilliant video they made for us, we could impress our investors to get our first ever investment!

Founder, EverySpend

What they say?

With a business idea that has a global audience, it was tough to communicate and convince our potential multi-ethnic users. Cleverhat's response to this challenge was a well-crafted video, that perfectly connected with and instantly became hit among our wide-range of audience.

Founder, Takeoff

What they say?

Cleverhat has been an exceptional collaborator on the two videos they have made for us. The glowing reviews we received from the people who saw our videos is enough testimonial to say how good their work is. When we have our next requirement, we'll without a second thought consider working with Cleverhat again.

Founder, Describe


Cleverhat has unique payment models that keep in mind your budget as a startup. So sit back and relax while we make a clever video for you!
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